Council of Expert Breeders

The Council of Expert breeders is comprised by all renowned breeders from all regions of the world that distinguished themselves for their successful breeding, knowledge of colors and standards, successful results in championships, by developing unusual combinations in Agapornis breeding or by having contributed to or identified new colors and mutations, having become, for these reasons, a distinguished part of lovebird history both as a hobby and science.

About the Council’s purposes

The purpose of the Members of the Council of Expert Breeders is to advise, discuss, opine, make suggestions about technical, genetic and practical aspects for any species and mutations of Agapornis, mainly new colors, mutations, “unusual” combinations, possible new mutations and any subject that can cause doubts and issues of interpretation.

The Council’s constitution

The Council of Expert Breeders is comprised of members that were personally invited by Agasscom’s Chairman.

Council Member listing