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Friends of AGASSCOM – WAC (World Agapornis Confederation)

A Friends of AGASSCOM membership (FWAC-AGSC) is the best way to support the outstanding Agapornis Show Standards work of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute– WAC (World Agapornis Confederation) and Eagle’s Eyes Agapornis Judge’s Agasscom School and ensure your breeder’s experience at Agasscon events through this website for local events, national and regional lovebird shows in your country, plus email updates. It is always a special and enriching experience. Join today and contribute to our commitment to providing leadership in lovebird care, scientific knowledge, education and sustainability.

As a valued FWAC-AGSC member, you’ll enjoy a full year of special benefits, such as free updates by direct email on standards, mutations in study, information on genetic levels, priority registration for shows and courses and exclusive access to plenty of AGASSCOM events and activities.

Learn more about the exciting possibilities that a FWAC-AGSC membership has to offer and become a member today!

For more information about FWAC-AGSC memberships, please contact us.

Main Fwac-agsc Membership benefits:

  • Free email updates on new lovebirds colors and mutations
  • Direct access to consult Dr. Alessandro D’Angieri on your doubts
  • Priority access to begin a joint study on a new mutation you have in your aviaries
  • Being a strong supporter and conserver of lovebird show standards

General Breeder Membership

Support your free AGASSCOM access by becoming a FWAC-AGSC member. Enjoy member-only benefits such as a free e-mail updated journal.

Starting at USD $25 yearly

Supporter Judge Membership

Supporter Judge members are entitled judges from anywhere in the world, recognized by some official local or international institution.

These categories can take their standard establishment’s own settings contribution to the next level. From access to special data and personal contributions to articles, speeches, website, etc., events, they make the most of their FWAC-AGSC experience, while helping to maintain lovebird study standards worldwide.

Starting at USD $100 yearly

Corporate Supporter Membership

Clubs, Associations, Federations, Regional, National and International Entities and any type of eclectic entities related to Lovebirds, can join us and count on our knowledge support at shows, judgements and events anywhere in the world.

Starting  at USD $200 yearly -Clubs and associations
$400 yearly – Federations and Regional associative entities

Agasscom Staff – International Judge Membership

A Staff Judge member plays an integral role in supporting the work we do to set and to identify standards. It is comprised of all Eagle’s Eyes Assistant Judges of the World.

To be accepted in our elite group of judges you must join, study and be graduated in our Eagle’s Eyes Agasscom Ornithological Judge School by taking our 2 to 4 year course to be set up on the Internet, video conferences and classes by our Coordinator Dr. Alessandro D’Angieri and guest speakers. Final judging tests in attendance will be required and can be done in your country or in any Agasscom event in the World, always under Dr. D’Angieri´s coordination.

Grab the chance to become an Eagle’s Eyes International Assistant Judge and enjoy the status of full participation in the world of lovebird breeding and shows.

Starting at $ 900 yearly (Eagle’s Eyes Ornithological Judge School 4-year course included)